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Victory in Christ: Living the Life that has no limits!

In Victory in Christ, Dr. Francesca unveils the limitless life that is only possible in Christ and she explains how and why this life is available to everyone.
So many talk about this life and even dream about this life. Others hope and pray to achieve this life.  This book unveils the limitless life that God has made available to every single person.

Jesus paid for every single person’s sin in full. That is why the gospel is good news. Not only did Jesus pay for man’s by dying on the cross, he rose from the dead to give man a new type of life. The bible describes this life as Zoë, Gods limitless life. While all this is beautiful and amazing, Jesus did not stop there. Jesus now sits at the right hand of the father in the position of authority and power over sin and over the devil. Many celebrate Easter and recognize Christ’s resurrection from the dead and his ascension into to the heavens. 

This book isn’t for a selected group of people; this book is for everyone. God loves every single person in the world and has made the abundant life available to everyone—this means you. You can experience joy, peace, and contentment in every area of your life. I invite you to read this book and discover the unlimited life that belongs to you in Christ.

Living in Victory: The Daily Manual

In Living in Victory, Dr. Francesca Abii provides practical biblical guidance to address issues in your life. 

You can start enjoying the abundant life today by following the guidance in Living in Victory.

Living in Victory includes the following:

· Biblical guidance on how to living in victory

· Life Applications that you can follow to address personal issues

· Exercises to help reinforce chapter summaries

·  Resources to use to track your progress

It is God’s will for you to enjoy life to the fullest and you can start living the best life today! As you implement the guidance and instructions in this workbook, may the Holy Spirit grant you revelation to see all that is available to you in Christ.

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