Faith in God [4 things to do as a Christian to Remain in faith]

Faith in God is only possible by doing 4 these 4 things as a Christian to remain in faith: (1) Daily Study of God’s word, (2) Meditating on God’s word, (3) Applying God’s word always, and (4) ensuring people who have strongest influence in your life are people of strong faith. Also absolute trust in God’s love is paramount for strong faith. You won’t be able to remain in faith if you don’t trust in the goodness of God. Even if you get tempted to doubt or waver during challenging times you must trust that God loves you and trust that God is faithful. Here are important things to remember about:

  • Understand God always has a plan
  • Understand that you are in partnership with God and a MAJOR part of God’s plan. God has a vested stake in your success.
  • Understand the relevance of time; this will help you to be patient

Lessons on Faith in God from the life of Joseph:

Here are key highlights from the life of Joseph to help trust God’s goodness even if you go through challenging moments:

  1. Genesis 37:5– God appears to Joseph at 17 —- in a dream — in this dream Joseph sees his family bowing down before him.
  2. Genesis 37 – Joseph runs and tells his brothers and his father this dream—-his brothers are jealous of Joseph and conspire and sell Joseph into slavery
  3. Genesis 39  – Joseph goes to serve in Potiphar’s house as a servant
  4. Potiphar’s wife likes Joseph and tries to get him to sleep with her. When he refuses—she lies and tells her husband that Joseph tried to rape her
  5. Genesis 39 – Potiphar after hearing these lies from his wife sends Joseph to prison
  6. Genesis 40 – While in prison, Joseph interpret meets Pharaohs butler and baker who are also in prison. Both men have dreams and share their dreams with Joseph and he tells them the meaning of their dreams. Just as Joseph interpreted—-Pharaoh gives orders to kill the baker and Pharaoh pardons the Butler and restores him back to his position in the palace—-just as Joseph interpreted.
  7. The butler goes back to his position but forgets all about Joseph. 
  8. Genesis 40:23— the butler deliberately forgets Joseph
  9. Genesis 41Pharaoh has a dream and is disturbed by this dream. No one in the palace could interpret the dream. It is then that the Butler remembers Joseph and tells Pharaoh that he knows a man named Joseph in prison who interprets dreams
  10. Pharaoh summons Joseph to the palace after he hears of the interpretation 
  11. Genesis 41 Pharaoh was pleased with what he heard and appointed Joseph to oversee his palace –

Why are the lessons about faith in God from the life Joseph Important?

While none of Josephs experience were ideal – none of the circumstances stopped Gods plans for Joseph. 

  • First – the house in which Joseph served was Potiphar was an officer for the Pharaoh, the captain of his guard. In other words, Joseph landed in a pretty important house.
  • While Joseph is falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife of attempted rape and this accusation lands Joseph in prison – he served in the same prison with Pharaohs prisoners
  • It is in this prison that Joseph gets to meet two key members of pharaohs staff who are imprisoned. He interprets their dreams and this becomes a pivotal factor that gets him to the palace where he goes to interpret a Pharaohs dream
  • Finally, Josephs interpretation of pharaohs dream lands him as 2nd in command in Egypt

KEYS VERSES that showed God was with Joseph:

  • In Potiphar’s house – Genesis 39:2 — the lord was with Joseph, He was very prosperous while in the house of his Egyptian master
  • Genesis 39:3-4 Potiphar saw that God was with Joseph and appointed Joseph as overseer of his entire household
  • Genesis 39:5 – God blessed Potiphar’s household because of Joseph

God partnered with Joseph


Instead of acting bitter, Joseph honored God and served faithfully in Potiphar’s house and in Prison. Joseph remained strong in his faith in God and maintained the right attitude. Even while serving, He used his gifts to help the butler and the baker while in prison. Proverbs 18:16 – A man’s gifts will make way for him and bring him before kings. Finally, when Joseph had the opportunity to repay his brothers for the evil they did, Joseph chose to help his brothers (Genesis 50:19-21)

Here are final points to remember:

  1. God is a good God and he has a great plan for your life. You won’t be able to receive or embrace Gods plans for your life if you don’t trust him. He is a good God who always wants the best for you.
  2. Remembering that God is a good God will keep. keep you steady and anchored through the journey
  3. Remembering that God is a good God assures you of the expected end- you always win!

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