Why Gods Kingdom should be your # 1 priority

Why Gods Kingdom should be your # 1 priority

∎ Intro – For the month of June we have been learning about Gods kingdom —- today we go even deeper to look at how to function in God’s kingdom
∎ Each time I teach on God’s kingdom I like to use —- props to help people understand that there is a difference
∎ Too many people are ignorant of spiritual things —- and for this reason, God says in Hosea 4:6 — My people perish for lack of knowledge

Today we are talking about how to function in God’s kingdom —

1. There are two kingdoms — the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness
— why did Jesus come — he came to bring you into his kingdom —- and how did that happen — Romans 10:9 —-
You invited Jesus into your heart — as Lord — too many people are only conscious of Jesus as savior — but he really cant be savior unless he is Lord — at least according to Romans 10:9 — Lord means — you belong to him — Lord means you submit to him —

Why do you need God? God didn’t create man to survive apart from God. This is an important truth —

∎ —- One of the interesting things you will notice about funerals —- Funerals have a way of making everyone come to grips about how they are living their lives. The deception of every day life is thinking that life on earth is just about you doing what you like and you don’t have to answer to anyone —– this isn’t what the bible teaches —– One day everyone will stand before Jesus and give an account of how they lived on earth

God is every where but his presence isn’t manifested everywhere — this is a fundamental truth that not too many people understand — there is a realm where God’s presence is fully manifested — by manifested I mean — who God is can be felt and tangibly experienced —- For example the bible says —- in the presence of God there is fullness of joy

2. To function in Gods kingdom, you need to walk in love and live by faith

∎ Everything God does is by his word — You will have to believe his word and act on his word — and you can only do this by faith
∎ You function in God’s kingdom you need to submit to Gods word

Do you not know that when you continually offer yourselves to someone to do his will, you are the slaves of the one whom you obey, either [slaves] of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness (right standing with God)?
God is not obligated to you if you choose to function in the kingdom of darkness. This is such an important that people who profess to be Christians need to understand.

3. Looking at the life of Daniel to see the life of a man who walked with God

1. The king signed a decree that no one would pray to any other God except to the king—Daniel 6:9
2. Daniel prayed regularly to God and when he heard this decree — Daniel —– opened his window and prayed to God — (Daniel 6:12)he was aware of the consequences — but this didn’t stop him from honoring God
3. Word got to the king —- and Daniel was thrown into the lions den —- the lions in the den were fierce hungry lions —- Daniel 6:16
4. In the lion’s den — God was with Daniel — fierce lions who had not been fed – did not hard Daniel — this is what happens when you have God’s manifested presence. — any trouble meets God because God is responsible for taking care of those who belong to God – Daniel 6:21-22

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