The Power of Information

Have you ever found yourself stumbling through the dark—maybe as a result of a power outage in your home? I remember on one occasion in my home we had a power outage as a result of a storm. It was dark and I kept bumping into furniture and walls because I could not see. This was MY HOME!! Without light I could not see anything!

I am sure we can’t imagine navigating through a dark room without light but can you imagine navigating through life in the dark? This is what happens without information. Information is powerful and necessary to navigate through life effectively. But we also need accurate and timely information. In Hosea 4:6 the Lord identified the lack of knowledge as the reason for the demise of his people.

Think about it—every problem can be solved when the correct solution is identified. From building successful businesses, to cultivating healthy relationships, to living healthy and productive lives we must flood our hearts with the right information.

We are also blessed today with rich information from experts from various fields. The greatest source of information is God’s word! While “information is powerful”, we only become empowered as we get informed!

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