The Importance of Self-reflection

One of the most important principles to embrace is the importance of self-reflection. Self-reflection allows us to do the following:

  1. Check where you are against your written plan
  2. Assess what is working (i.e. accomplishing your goals) and celebrate those successes
  3. Identify what is not working (i.e. activities that are not yielding any of your defined goals)
  4. Make necessary adjustments to your plan

As you assess your progress towards your goals, always remember to write down your opportunities for improvements. you are able to write down great opportunities to even have a greater week next week. It is always helpful to reflect – to celebrate all the successes you have had and also learn from anything that can be done differently next time.

Doing all of the will help you plan ahead and make any needed adjustments to become more effective and efficient. Keep in mind that God’s word, the bible, is the greatest mirror to use for reflection.

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