The Importance of Self-reflection – January 25, 2021

One of the most important principles to embrace is the importance of self-reflection. Self-reflection allows us to do the following:

  1. Check where you are against your written plan
  2. Assess what is working (i.e. accomplishing your goals) and celebrate those successes
  3. Identify what is not working (i.e. activities that are not yielding any of your defined goals)
  4. Make necessary adjustments to your plan

As you assess your progress towards your goals, always remember to write down your opportunities for improvements. you are able to write down great opportunities to even have a greater week next week. It is always helpful to reflect – to celebrate all the successes you have had and also learn from anything that can be done differently next time.

Doing all of the will help you plan ahead and make any needed adjustments to become more effective and efficient. Keep in mind that God’s word, the bible, is the greatest mirror to use for reflection.

The Power of Information – January 19, 2021

Have you ever found yourself stumbling through the dark—maybe as a result of a power outage in your home? I remember on one occasion in my home we had a power outage as a result of a storm. It was dark and I kept bumping into furniture and walls because I could not see. This was MY HOME!! Without light I could not see anything!

I am sure we can’t imagine navigating through a dark room without light but can you imagine navigating through life in the dark? This is what happens without information. Information is powerful and necessary to navigate through life effectively. But we also need accurate and timely information. In Hosea 4:6 the Lord identified the lack of knowledge as the reason for the demise of his people.

Think about it—every problem can be solved when the correct solution is identified. From building successful businesses, to cultivating healthy relationships, to living healthy and productive lives we must flood our hearts with the right information.

We are also blessed today with rich information from experts from various fields. The greatest source of information is God’s word! While “information is powerful”, we only become empowered as we get informed!

Excellence – January 13, 2021

How many of you have encountered certain people at one time or the other who just stood out? You noticed something about them that was just exceptional. It may have been their attitude, their character, their work ethics, etc.? It is always hard not to notice excellence—when we see this trait in people. Excellence, is the quality of “excelling, greatness, value, worth—and when we excel we do extremely well, we shine, we stand out” (Dictionary.com). Every day we have an option either to be good, very good, or excellent. It is possible to be excellent—but it is a CHOICE!

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